Strategic Planning Project

REAP Strategic Planning

USDA Rural Development 2015 RDBG $24,222

The Objective

To build individual leadership and organizational capacity in the SW REAP Zone, CONAC REAP Zones and the REAP Investment Board through three six hour strategic planning sessions the winter of 2016 with follow-up.

Outline: Scope of Work October 2015 – April 2016

a. Pre work includes review of past planning documents and communication with organization leaders. Participants will be asked to complete the Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory.

b. Incorporate validation of past planning efforts with a primary focus on the future. Plans for the three groups will be independent of each other.

c. Planning meetings with data updates for zone counties, training on Community Capitals and review of Wilder Collaboration Factors Inventory.

d. Appreciative Inquiry processes and relevant traditional planning.

e. Plans would be multi-jurisdictional economic development plans in keeping with the new USDA Regional Development Priority (RDP) policy making it easier for rural communities to access resources to invest in long-term community development efforts.

f. Post planning will include 1 month and 6 month conversations and 1 year face to face review with electronic plan updates.