Housing Urea Plant Workers

Housing List for Urea Plant Workers Being Assembled

Landlords and RV Park Operators are encouraged to provide information about their vacancies to the Hazen Chamber of Commerce & CVB.  According to Brianna Hochhalter, Executive Director, they are preparing for the influx of workers expected this spring to the Beulah and Hazen area.

Nearly 700 workers are expected to work on the Urea Plant west of Beulah. Of these, 400 will be here this spring beginning as soon as March.  Housing these workers for the next two years of construction will be a challenge for the area and presents opportunity to local landlords.

This listing of available housing for workers coming to the region is being maintained by the Hazen Chamber through collaboration with the Beulah Chamber of Commerce, Hazen Community Development, Dunn County Jobs Development Authority and the Rural Economic Area Partnership Investment Fund.  The primary website is located at Hazen Chamber and the contact email is hazenchamber@westriv.com.

The landlord form for listing current vacancies can be picked up at the organizations listed earlier and is also found on their websites.  Landlords are encouraged to complete and return the form as soon as possible as workers will be here before we know it!

We Need Local Help Sharing the Information

You may share this press release and Landlord form with appropriate persons in your county or area and with local newspapers, radio, TV stations, local cable channels and other media resources.

We would appreciate postings to places the general public would see it including Facebook pages.  The landlord form for vacancy listings could also be placed in public areas or businesses.

Press Release

Landlord Form

A defined radius for the housing list has not been established.  The housing form requires information on distance from Beulah and each landlord or worker can decide for themselves on this factor.