Floating the Feasibility of a Car Ferry on

Lake Sakakawea, ND 


Our Thanks go to Bob Youness, PE,  Senior Engineer at Ulteig in Bismarck, for submitting this article about the Car Ferry project to the ASHE Scanner magazine.

It was published in the Spring 2017 edition of Scanner. The article can be found on page 28 of the issue.

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Ferry-Feasibility-VW-1 (600 x 419)

Vision West Marine Highway Ferry Feasibility Study

USDA Rural Development: Rural Business Opportunity Grant (RBOG)

The project is to evaluate the feasibility of operating a car ferry that crosses Lake Sakakawea near Twin Buttes off of old ND Hwy 8 on the South Side of the Lake and near Parshall off of ND Hwy 1804 on the North Side of the Lake. The project would include evaluating the infra-structure needs including accessibility to the Lake, parking facilities, docks, and amenities, operating costs, travel times, operating schedule and boat options.

Vision West ND

The ND Association of Oil and Gas Producing Counties partnered with the Southwest REAP Zone and the REAP Investment Fund on the winning submission for the HUD Planning Grant ($1.5 Million) which was readily matched with funds from the North Dakota Energy Infrastructure and Impact Fund ($300,000). Additionally, locally matched in-kind dollars ($600,000) were dedicated towards the project. The combined federal, state, and local dollars will be used to create a grass-roots effort to address the issues and create a road map for the future.  Funding through HUD ended January 2015 and is now funded by North Dakota Association of Oil and Gas Producing Counties. A six-initiative approach to address emerging growth challenges was developed by the Region.

  1. Economic Development/Diversification Strategic Plan
  2. Infrastructure Needs Planning
  3. Planning and Zoning Recommendations
  4. Individual Project Schematics
  5. Lessons Learned Webinars
  6. Regional Strategic Plan



Project Summary Strategic Plans The most intensive deliverable for this project relates to the work by Vision West ND to conduct 23 local economic development strategic planning process throughout the region. The plans contain economic strategies and quality of life initiatives.

Planning & Zoning Resources

Community Project Schematics

Regional Strategic Plan

Final Report

Interactive Infrastructure Map